Egemen Kesikli: Catalogue

Works for Orchestra

Oh Mensch, gib Acht
For tenor and orchestra

Duration: 6’30″

In The Midst of Life
Concertino for classical guitar and chamber orchestra

Written for the renowned guitarist Celil Refik Kaya

Duration: 15’

Solo guitar, 1+pic, 1+cor, 1+bas, 1+cntrb – 1,1,0,0 – tmp, 2prc, hrp., pno, strings in 5

For orchestra

Performed by the University of Texas Symphony Orchestra, conducted by James Welsch

Duration: 10’30”

2+pic, 2+cor, 2+bas, 2+cntrb – 4,2,3,1, tmp, 3prc., pno, hrp, strings in 5

For tap dancer and large orchestra

2014 Morton Gould Young Composer Awards Finalist

Premiered by the world-renowned dancer Max Pollak, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra on May 22, 2013, in Center in the Square, Waterloo, ON

Duration: 6’

Solo tap dancer, 2+pic, 2+cor, 2+bas, 2 – 4,2,2,1 – tmp, prc, strings in 5

A Tango for the Seven Hills
For Orchestra and Turkish Percussions

Winner of the 2011 James & Paula Nelson Young Composers Competition

Premiered by the Duluth – Superior Symphony Orchestra conducted by Markand Thakar, on April 20, 2011, in DECC, Duluth/MN.

Duration: 5’30”

1+pic, 1+cor, A, 1 – 2,0,0,0 – tmp, 2prc, strings in 5

For flute orchestra

Commissioned by Christina Jennings for the CU Boulder Flute Choir. Written for “Once a Soloist Festival” at CU Boulder.

Duration: 7′

2 solo fl., 2+pic, 1+cor, 2+eb+bas+cntralt, A(2)TB sax, 2+cnt–4, 2+2crnet, 3, euph, 1–hrp, dblbas, pno, tmp, 5prc

Works for Concert Band / Wind Ensemble

Concerto for Soprano Saxophone & Concert Band

Grade 5

Commissioned by and written for Kurt Claussen, premiered by Kurt Claussen and the St. Olaf Band conducted by Dr. Timothy Mahr Fall 2014

Duration: 24’

Solo sop.sax, 2+pic, 2+cor, 2+eb+bas+cntrb, A(2)TB sax, 2+cont – 4,4,3, euph,1 – hrp, dblbas, pno, tmp, 4prc

Lapis Lazuli
For two solo flutes and wind ensemble

Grade 5

Commissioned by and written for Matt Dehnel & the Roseville Area High School Wind Ensemble, premiered on May 19, 2014

Duration: 7’30”

2 solo fl., 2+pic, 1+cor, 2+eb+bas+cntralt, A(2)TB sax, 2+cnt –4, 2+2crnet,3, euph,1 – hrp, dblbas, pno, tmp, 5prc

The Emperor
For concert band

Grade 6

Premiered by the St. Olaf Band (dubbed “one of America’s preeminent bands by the New Yorker), conducted by Egemen Kesikli, on March 22, 2012

Duration: 6’40”

2+pic, 1+cor, 2+eb+bas+, SA(2)TB sax, 1bsson –4, 2+2crnet,3, euph,1 – hrp, dblbas, pno, tmp, 5prc

Kizilirmak Suite
Symphonic Suite in Two Movements

Grade 3

Premiered by the NHSMI Wind Ensemble (Northwestern University High School Music Institute), conducted by Dan Ferris, on July 23, 2007

Duration: 8’

2, 2+cor, 2+bas+, AT sax, 2 – 2,2,3, euph,1 –tmp, 5prc

Works for Solo / Chamber Ensemble

The Logical Conclusion
For violin

Commissioned by and written for Leslee Smucker

Recorded and released by Gaga

Duration: 5′

Divertimento for Guitar
For classical guitar

Duration: 6’30″

For chamber ensemble

Duration: 7′

flt, clr, vln, vla, vcl

For string quartet

Written for the Altius Quartet

Recorded for CPR Classical by the Playground Ensemble

Melek (Angel)
For flute, clarinet in Bb, and double bass

Finalist in the 2013 Morton Gould Young Composer Awards

Premiered on February 21, 2013

Duration: 10’

For solo piano

Premiered by Alaina DeBellevue on April 6, 2014

Duration: 6’ ca.

Twelve Days in Ecstasy
For ensemble (oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, piano, violin, and cello)

Winner of Beethoven Club – Belvedere Chamber Music Festival Composition Contest (2011)

First place in the Chamber Division in MMEA Collegiate Composers Contest (2011)

Finalist in Lake George Music Festival Composition Contest (2013)

Premiered by the teachers of Guher & Suher Pekinel Music Department at the International Symposium on Gifted Children, on October 30, 2011, Istanbul

Duration: 8’

Works for Choir

For unaccompanied SATB choir

Duration: 5’30″

Agnus Dei
For unaccompanied SATB choir

First place in the Choral Division in MMEA Collegiate Composers Contest 2012

Premiered at the Urness Recital Hall of St. Olaf College on April 15

Duration: 5’20”