Egemen Kesikli

Turkish composer and performer Egemen Kesikli strives to promote diversity in contemporary music, and his composition catalogue varies from large-orchestral pieces and concertos to alternative chamber works featuring traditional Turkish instruments and unconventional ensemble formations. Egemen’s music has been heard at festivals and venues across North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia, and has been featured on NPR and PBS, as well as on various public radios in Turkey and Austria. He received honors and recognition from ASCAP, Beethoven Club, and Minnesota Music Educators Association, among others.

Egemen has received his Doctorate of Musical Arts degree from the University of Colorado Boulder, Master’s from the University of Texas at Austin, and Bachelor’s from St. Olaf College. He currently holds the position of Instructor of Music Theory at Colorado State University and Lecturer of Composition at the University of Colorado Boulder. When he is not composing, performing, or teaching, Egemen enjoys cooking, improvising on his oud that was made by his beloved father, and watching cat videos with his partner.