Engraving is an important part of having your music not only seen, but remembered. While we as a society try to ignore the status quo, first impressions are a driving force for business. Let us help you make a memorable first impression, and get your music into the world!

Usual rates (subject to change depending on size and scope of project):*

  • $15 / hour engraving for projects under 10 hours
  • $10 / hour engraving for projects over 10 hours

Most medium to medium-large scale projects take an average of 6-8 hours **

Deadlines expressed by the customer are adhered to strictly.

* These rates are for singular projects, not for signed composers. Once signed, there are no engraving fees for composers who publish with us.

** FDPublications employs qualified individuals with experience in music and music technology. With a combined eleven years of engraving experience, we are quick and concise – our time is extremely valuable, so why should your time and money be any less important?

To request a sample of our work, please inquire at: info@fdpublications.com